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About Privacy Management

This chapter describes how the privacy vocabulary and sample rules included with the Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) Privacy Management Solution can be tailored to meet your organization's requirements. The UCM Privacy Management Solution comes preconfigured with a vocabulary and sample rules designed to meet the requirements of financial services companies doing business in the United States. It also includes concepts that are useful to businesses managing compliance with fair information practices including notice and choice as well as global accepted privacy principles such as use limitation (purpose), disclosure (recipients), data collection limitation (data categories), and others.

In particular, the UCM Privacy Management Solution business rules environment enables business analysts to model, test, and deploy rules that manage privacy information stored in the UCM related to financial accounts and contacts. For more information, read Siebel Business Rules Administration Guide.

Role of HaleyAuthority in the Siebel Universal Customer Master Privacy Management Solution

HaleyAuthority 5.2 provides a platform for users to develop new or customize existing business rules as well as the testing capabilities. It is seamlessly integrated into the UCM Privacy Management Solution with two Siebel plug-ins: object importer and deployment wizard. The object importer enables you to select a subset of the Siebel object model and import it into HaleyAuthority to create concepts and relations. The deployment wizard guides you in deploying a rule module in and storing it in runtime tables. At runtime, requests are made to the business rule runtime to evaluate a single financial account and its related entities (contacts, addresses, privacy data, and so on) and the business rule runtime responds with the results of its rules evaluation.

Business Rules Architecture

Company business rules and policies are developed and tested within the HaleyAuthority. The sample business rules are organized by privacy related events. You may implement your business-specific rules in separate modules as well as tailor the existing sample rules. The conceptual role model contains the vocabulary of the privacy rules—the concepts, entities and values, the dictionary, the relations between concepts, the phrasing of those relations, the definitions of tables, and the standard instances of the concepts and relations (such as state codes, cover letter, and privacy notice type codes, and so on).

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