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Customization Strategies

The sample rules for the UCM Privacy Management Solution are intended to be a template for a customer-specific implementation of their own business policies. As such, they can be modified, simplified, translated, replaced, or used as a design model as dictated by customer needs.

However, by following some consistent guidelines on customizing the sample knowledge base, the process of integrating future releases of the solution can be simplified.

  1. Insert rules into the existing CUST customer specific modules in the sample knowledge base whenever practical. The sample CUST modules contain rules and tables that either require customization for each customer or are intended to isolate customizations from the prepackaged solution. To the extent that these customizations involve rules specific to multiple jurisdictions, the jurisdiction prefix must be included in the modules.
  2. Customer installations require customization of instances such as owner type, Fincorp Account type/customer type, and so on. If the instances are different, then the changes can be done in the knowledge base only. To the extent that further modifications to entities or relations in the Conceptual Role Model are required, then these modifications must be done in the Siebel repository and copied to the knowledge base using the Siebel Object Importer. The importer does not remove the old concepts and relations, as it is better further identify them using the Version custom property or a Comment so that they can be easily located later.
  3. Modifications to the "standard" sample rules are necessary at times. You must your own rules within new customer-specific modules identified with an appropriate prefix. The modified or deleted sample rule can easily be retailed for history as a draft rule by inserting non-recognized text at the beginning or by changing the effective date of the rule to be expired. In addition, using the custom Version property provides an additional means of tagging the customization.

By following these guidelines, it is possible to identify the customizations if a customer desires to integrate capabilities of future releases of the knowledge base.

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