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How the Siebel Database Upgrade Topics Are Organized

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Use the roadmap and process topics in How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade to guide you through the upgrade process. These topics provide a checklist of the steps required to complete an upgrade, in the order you must perform them. Each step includes a link to a topic that explains how to complete the step. The remaining chapters of the Siebel Database Upgrade Guide are organized according to the major phases of the upgrade.

NOTE:  Topics in the chapters may not follow the order you perform them during the upgrade.

The order of topics in a chapter is as follows:

  • A list of all the topics in the chapter.
  • Roadmap topic. A roadmap is a numbered list of processes. For example, "Roadmap for Performing the Upgrade" lists all the processes required to upgrade your Siebel environments.
  • Process topics. A process topic has a numbered list of tasks. For example, "Process of Upgrading a Development Environment" lists the tasks required to upgrade a single Siebel environment. These topics begin with "Process of...".
  • Concept topics. Concept topics explain key concepts required to perform groups of tasks. To get an overview of how each part of the upgrade works, read the concept topics. These topics usually begin with "About...". Concept topics do not begin with a gerund, "Process of," or "Roadmap for."
  • Task topics. Task topics explain how to do each step in an upgrade process, and typically include a procedure. Task topics begin with a gerund, for example, "Updating File System Attachments."
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