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Configuring Siebel Repository Objects to Inherit Upgrade Behavior

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Environments: Development environment only.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

As of Siebel 7.7, you can link objects together so that one object inherits the upgrade behavior of another. You do this by specifying an upgrade ancestor for an object.

You can specify an upgrade ancestor for the following object types:

  • Applet
  • Business component
  • Integration object
  • Report

Before doing the repository merge, review new objects you have created and determine whether you want to specify an upgrade ancestor.

To specify an upgrade ancestor

  1. Navigate to the object in Siebel Tools.
  2. Click in the Upgrade Ancestor field.

    A dialog box appears. It lists available upgrade ancestors.

  3. Select the desired upgrade ancestor and click Pick.

To view the descendants or copies of an object

  1. Right-click on an object.
  2. Select View descendants from the picklist.

    A dialog box appears and lists the descendants.

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