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Determining Your Siebel 7.5.x Release Level

Upgrades from: Siebel 7.5.x.

Environments: Development environment only.

Before upgrading your enterprise to the new release, determine your 7.5.x release level.

When you run the Database Server Configuration Utilities to perform the upgrade, the utilities prompt you to choose which release you are upgrading from. The choices include: 7.5.2,, and 7.5.3.

If you choose the wrong 7.5.x release level, the repository merge will complete successfully, but you may have UI configuration problems.

The release level of an installed release is contained in the base.txt file located in directories throughout the enterprise installation.

CAUTION:  Perform the following tasks before upgrading enterprise components to the new release. Installing the new release replaces the base.txt files in the old release.

Determining Your Release Level

Perform this task to identify your 7.5.x release level.

To determine your release level

  1. On the machine where the Siebel Server you will use to perform the upgrade is installed, locate the Siebel Server installation directory, siebsrvr.
  2. In the siebsrvr directory, open base.txt and write down the release level.

    For example, in the following base.txt string, the release level is 7.5.3:

    7.5.3 SIA [XXXXX] LANG_INDEPENDENT full release

  3. Store the 7.5.x release level where you can refer to it when you run the Database Server Configuration Utilities to upgrade the Siebel Database.

Verifying the Repository Update Is Installed

Perform this task if your release level is or 7.5.3.

The and 7.5.3 maintenance releases included a repository update that must be installed manually. Verify that this update is installed. If you have not installed the update, refer to 546768.1 (Doc ID) Maintenance Release Guide for Siebel 7.5.3 on OracleMetalink 3.

Verifying the repository update is installed

  1. Open Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select Applet.
  3. Query for Account Team Mvg Applet, and select this applet.
  4. In the Object Explorer, select Control, a child object of Applet.
  5. With the Controls list active, query for *shuttle.
  6. Verify the following controls are included in the query returns:
    • Add - Shuttle
    • AddAll - Shuttle
    • Remove - Shuttle
    • RemoveAll - Shuttle
    • LabelSelected - Shuttle
  7. Choose one of the following actions:
    • If all the controls are present, the repository update is installed. No further action is required.
    • If none of the controls are present, the repository update is not installed. Refer to the Maintenance Release Guide for Siebel 7.5.3 on OracleMetalink 3 and install the update.
    • If some of the controls are present, but not all, create a service request (SR) on OracleMetalink 3, or contact your Oracle sales representative for Oracle Advanced Customer Services to request assistance from Oracle's Application Expert Services.
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