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About Siebel User Interface Changes

Upgrades from: Siebel 7.0.x and 7.5.x.

Environments: Development, production test, production.

Databases: All databases.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

Several important changes to the user interface were introduced in Siebel 7.7:

  • New navigation scheme. The key revisions are as follows:
    • The Show menu is replaced by a link bar. When you click a screen tab, the link bar displays below the screen tab and shows the views or view list for the screen.
    • A visibility filter menu, located in the parent list applet, provides alternative methods for filtering the data displayed in the applet.
    • To display view tabs, users click on a link in the parent list applet.
  • Revised UI configuration. In prior releases, the placement of views and controls was based on the repository configuration and logic applied at run time. In Siebel 7.7, the placement of views and controls is declarative in the repository. No run-time logic is applied.
  • Expanded use of grid-layout applets. To improve usability, most employee-specific form applets are converted to grid-based layout. The upgrade does not convert custom form-based applets to grid-based layout.
  • MVG shuttle applets. MVG shuttle applets were introduced in Siebel 7.5x. In Siebel 7.7, MVGs are shuttle-enabled by default.

Because of these enhancements, plan a careful evaluation of the user interface after the upgrade. The upgrade logging utility lists any user interface-related problems encountered during the upgrade. For more information on the user interface, see Fundamentals.

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