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Updating Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Environments: Development environment only.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

If you use Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), perform the following procedure to update the definitions of the Business Objects to account for changes in data type, length, edit format or other properties.

To upgrade integration objects

  1. Determine whether you need to synchronize the integration objects, and synchronize if necessary.

    To determine whether you need to synchronize integration objects, review the synchronization considerations in Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

  2. Validate the integration objects.
  3. If you receive validation errors, deactivate the user keys or fields that cause the error.
  4. If you receive the error "List Of" in the XML Parent Element, manually remove the value "List Of" from the XML Parent Element.

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