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Reviewing Required Fields in the Siebel UI

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases. This topic applies only to upgrades using the Incorporate Custom Layout (ICL) feature.

Environments: Development environment only.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

Reputility.log section: "Issue 9: List of Required Fields Missing from the UI."

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

If you select Incorporate Custom Layout (ICL) during the repository merge, the Web templates for the UI you are upgrading from are used to display the UI after the merge. The Web templates for the new release are not used.

The Web templates used may not contain all the fields required by the new release. For example, a required field may be missing from the Web template used to display the Contacts applet. If you try to create a new record, the database will reject it because the record does not contain all the required fields.

This section of the reputility log lists all the applets that have missing required fields. Use the Web Layout Editor in Siebel Tools to add the required fields.

The log is located here:



SIEBEL_TOOLS_INSTALL_DIR is the directory where Siebel Tools is installed.

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