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Preparing Siebel Address Data for Upgrade


  • From Siebel Financial Services 7.0.x to Siebel Industry Applications (SIA) 8.0.x
  • From Siebel Business Applications 8.0.x to Siebel SIA 8.0.x
  • From Siebel Financial Services 6.2.1 on IBM z/OS platforms to Siebel SIA 8.0.x on IBM z/OS platforms

NOTE:  This topic does not apply to Siebel Business Applications (HOR) that you are upgrading to a later release of Siebel Business Applications (HOR).

Environments: Production test, production.

Databases: All databases.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

At Siebel 7.7, the way address data is stored is changed. To prepare for the revised storage scheme, you must verify that there are no records with the same row IDs within or across the tables S_ADDR_PER and S_ADDR_ORG.

CAUTION:  There must be no duplicate row IDs in these tables or the upgrade will fail.

To prepare address data for upgrade

  1. Run rpt_dup_addr_rowids.sql against the Siebel Database. The script is located in the following directory:

    Windows: DBSRVR_ROOT\database_platform

    UNIX: DBSRVR_ROOT/database_platform


    database_platform is the database type, for example DB2.

  2. Review the output generated by the script.
  3. If the output contains records with duplicate row IDs, use EIM or the application to delete unwanted records.
  4. After addressing all the duplicate row IDs, rerun the script and verify there are no more duplicates.
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