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Specifying the Scheduling Mode

Perform the following procedure to choose your preferred job scheduling method (Siebel scheduled or vendor scheduled).

To specify the scheduling mode

  1. On the Staging Database File Generation Menu, select option 4: PRET Processes, and press Enter.
  2. On the Staging Database PRET menu, select option 0: Add Jobcards & Siebel Logging, and press Enter.

    If this is the first time you have selected this option, you are prompted to enter the type of scheduling for the PRET processes.

  3. Enter either 1: Siebel Scheduled mode or 2: Vendor Scheduled mode. For information about choosing a scheduler, see About Executing Jobs Using Siebel-Scheduled Mode or Vendor-Scheduled Mode.

    The following procedures assume that you chose Siebel scheduled mode.

    CAUTION:  Choose your scheduling mode carefully. Once you select a scheduling mode for PRET, you cannot change it.

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