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About the JCL Upgrade Jobs

This topic provides information about the JCL jobs you run to perform the upgrade on the z/OS host.

About Job Cards

The DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.EXEC data set contains base job cards for all the upgrade jobs. The upgrade process uses these job cards as a base for all jobs of a particular type and then generates an individual job card for each job based on the information in the base card and in the @JOBPREFX member of the DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.EXEC data set.

For example, the base job card for PRESCHM jobs is JCPRES. An individual job card is created for each PRESCHM job based on information in both of the following:

  • DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.EXEC(JCPRES) - base job card

Once job cards have been generated, changing the information in the @JOBPREFX member does not cause job card details to change.

Job Dependencies

Some JCL jobs, for example, some Data Migration jobs, have dependencies on other jobs. These jobs are submitted in a specific order, with subsequent jobs only being submitted when the current job has completed successfully. The @DEPFLOW member in the relevant JCL data set shows the order in which the jobs are to be submitted, for example, see DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.PRESCHM.JCL(@DEPFLOW) for information about the submission sequence for PRESCHM jobs.

Load and Unload Jobs

Load and Unload job procedures are located in the DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.PROC data set.

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