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Updating the File System Directory

Upgrades: Release 6.2.1 only.

Environments: All environments.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

As of Siebel 7.0, Siebel Anywhere requires that file system attachments be located in the \att subdirectory of the Siebel File System. If you are upgrading from Siebel 6.x, you must create this subdirectory in the Siebel File System and copy file system attachments to it.

To make file attachments accessible to Siebel Anywhere

  1. In the existing file system structure (for example C:\siebfile), create an att subdirectory if it does not already exist.

    Windows example: C:\siebfile\att

    Creating the att subdirectory does not adversely affect the installation of your Siebel Server. (You install the Siebel Server at a later point.)

  2. Copy (do not move) all files located under the \siebfile directory to the \siebfile\att directory so that all file attachments are accessible by Siebel Business Applications.
  3. Verify that files have copied correctly to the \siebfile\att directory.

    After this has been verified, clean up the file system.

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