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Migrating Web Services Definitions

Typically, you will be working in a development environment when using Siebel Tools to generate sample JSP pages and other Java artifacts. Web Service data that is created using the Web UI DDK Wizard is stored as administration data in the database's run-time tables. You need to export Web Service definitions from the development environment and import them into the environment in which you want to deploy the sample JavaServer pages.

This task is a step in the Process for Deploying Java Artifacts.

To migrate Web Service definitions

  1. Make sure you have compiled the SRF and deployed it on the Siebel Server in your target environment.
  2. In the development environment, open the Siebel Web Client.
  3. Navigate to the Administration - Web Services screen, then the Inbound Web Services view.
  4. Select the Web Service, and then click Export.
  5. In the Save As dialog, select the location where you want to store the file.

    Accept the default name and file type (XML).

  6. In the target environment (test or production), open the Siebel Web Client.
  7. On the application-level menu, choose Navigate, Site Map, Administration - Web Services, and then Inbound Web Services.
  8. In the Inbound Web Services applet, click Import.
  9. Select the XML file you exported, and then click import.
  10. Change the status of the inbound Web Service to active.
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