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About Preconfigured Web Services and Repository Objects

Several preconfigured Web services and their supporting repository objects (integration objects and business services) are delivered as seed data. They are available for you to reuse when running the Web UI DDK Wizard and the Data Access Service Wizard. However, they are set to inactive by default and must be activated and compiled before you can use them.

Web services and corresponding integration objects and business service exist for views associated with the following business objects:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Service Request
  • Opportunity
  • Orders

The names of these preconfigured Web services, business services, and integration objects begin with WC_ (WC followed by an underscore)—for example, WC_Account_BS. The name of the project in the Siebel repository that contains the preconfigured business services and integration objects is Custom UI Samples.

For more information about UI Data Sync Services, see About UI Data Sync Services.

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