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About the Web UI DDK

Many companies rely on service-oriented architectures to present data and functionality from multiple applications in a single user interface, such as a portal application. The Web UI Dynamic Developer's Kit (DDK) solution helps companies expose Oracle's Siebel data and functionality in portal applications and custom UIs. The Web UI DDK solution is based on Web services and consists of interfaces that allow access to Siebel data and a wizard for generating a quick-start kit. The quick-start kit includes sample JavaServer pages that can be deployed in a Web application and that provide Web developers with sample code demonstrating common data manipulation operations and basic UI rendering. Web developers can modify the sample code instead of developing from scratch, giving them a jump-start on development work.

Key features of the Web UI DDK solution are as follows:

  • Web UI DDK Wizard. This wizard in Siebel Tools is used to generate the development kit that includes sample JavaServer pages and other Java EE artifacts.

    For more information, see About the Web UI DDK Wizard.

  • Sample JavaServer Pages. These are sample pages generated by the Web UI DDK Wizard and then deployment in a Java EE environment.

    For more information, see About the Sample JavaServer Pages.

  • Data Schema and Metadata Report. This is a report that Java developers use to understand the Siebel data model.

    For more information, see Generating the Data Schema Report.

  • UI Data Adapter. This Siebel business service exposes APIs for accessing Siebel data.

    See also About the UI Data Adapter and UI Data Sync Services.

    For detailed information about the UI Data Adapter, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

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