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Siebel Mobile Connector

Siebel Wireless includes a license key for Siebel Mobile Connector, through which you can develop additional wireless, voice, and other applications upon executing the proper licensing agreement.

Siebel Mobile Connector uses well-formed XML to exchange information with an application either through directed query or push alerts. In addition, the XML interface allows the use of XSL stylesheets to limit the data fields returned in XML format.

Components Beyond the XML Web Interface

Siebel Mobile Connector includes several components beyond the XML Web Interface:

  • Predefined Application Definition

    Siebel Mobile Connector provides a preconfigured, optimized Siebel application definition, which provides the following access:

    • Employees and Partners: Accounts, Activities, Contacts, Employees, Opportunities, Service Requests, System Administrator: Responsibility Views and Users
    • Customer Self-service: eService Requests, eOrders, Branch LocatorSiebel Mobile Connector use the Siebel Framework. The application definition can be modified within Siebel Tools.
  • Metadata Business Service

    The Metadata Business Service allows customers and partners to filter data offered through the preconfigured application definitions without having to use Siebel Tools to permanently change the application configuration.

    The Metadata Business Service allows the extraction, parsing and creation of stylesheets from Siebel-created or customer or partner-created application definitions.

    Siebel Mobile Connector stylesheets are stored as XSL documents on Siebel Application Server. When a stylesheet is applied during a query by a mobile application, the resulting data returned contains only the fields identified in the specified stylesheet.

  • Reference Configuration Sample

    The Reference Configuration Sample is a sample application that uses the Metadata Business Service to enable developers to create stylesheets and alerts.

    The sample application allows the developer to select the fields that represent the application user interface, any fields for updates, and the fields for alerts to be triggered upon. Once selected, submission to the Metadata Business Service creates the stylesheets that are stored on Oracle's Siebel Application Server.

  • Uploading Files

    Through specialized frame and control provided in Oracle's Siebel Mobile Connector application definition, applications can upload files and save them as attachments in the Siebel File System. The files are saved in a compressed format in the system and are decompressed when users request to download them. This is useful for speech applications that need to save audio files representing free-form fields.

  • Data Updates and One-Way Synchronization

    In some instances, an application may require a local copy of a subset of Siebel data for its own use. Such applications can periodically check whether there is any new data is available and retrieve just the data that has changed. This can be useful for synchronization of records or for real-time dynamic grammars (for speech applications).

  • Alert Business Service

    Siebel Mobile Connector Alert Business Service pushes alerts to a registered application that processes them to send notification messages to users. The alerts capture both pre-write as well as post-write data that is sent to the registered application. This allows the registered application to take appropriate action based on these changes. This is useful for notification of Service Request ownership changes from one user to another.

For additional information, see Siebel Mobile Connector Guide.

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