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Passing Data from Fields Not in the Siebel Database

There are three ways to pass data from fields that do not exist in the Siebel database:

  • Add the field to the database, add it to the necessary integration object, and then update the data map.
  • Set an existing business service user property in the Credit Card Transaction Service business service, or create a new one, with a static value for all transactions. These values are read upon initialization of the business service.

    Any data passed dynamically using the integration objects will overwrite the value in the business service user property for that particular transaction.

  • Set a value for an integration object field by setting the value in the data map.

    You cannot set a default value for an integration object user property because the Credit Card Transaction Service business service does not look for this value at initialization.

NOTE:  The auth_cv_result reply field contains details of the card verification check. This data is not stored in the Siebel database but you can use it to store additional information or drive additional logic.

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