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About Script Assist Repository Introspection

The Script Assist utility, provided by the ST eScript Engine, provides several features that facilitate the scripting process. The repository introspection feature in Siebel 8.0 allows Script Assist to access object definitions in the repository for objects in your script and then display this information in the Script Assist window. You can then select the object methods, property names, user-defined functions or fields available for the object and select the one that you want to add to your script. This helps prevent scripting errors and makes the scripting process simpler.

The ST eScript engine provides repository introspection for the following objects and methods:

  • Applet objects
    • BusComp Method
    • BusObject Method
  • Application objects
    • ActiveBusObject
    • ActiveViewName
    • GetBusObject
    • GetService
  • Business Component objects
    • ActivateField
    • ActivateMultipleFields
    • Associate
    • BusObject
    • DeActivateFields
    • GetAssocBusComp
    • GetFieldValue
    • GetFormattedFieldValue
    • GetMultipleFieldValues
    • GetMvgBusComp
    • GetPickListBusComp
    • GetViewMode
    • ParentBusComp
    • SetFieldValue
    • SetFormattedFieldValue
    • SetMultipleFieldValues
  • Business Object objects
    • GetBusComp
  • Business Service objects
    • InvokeMethod

Script Assist can determine the object referred to by the this object reference key word in a script and displays the appropriate fields for the object. It also shows all the required and optional parameters for Siebel methods, global methods and functions, and user-defined functions, and the methods available for InvokeMethod calls.

To use the repository introspection feature

  1. Access Script Assist from the script editor by pressing CTRL+SPACE.
  2. In your script, type the name of an object or method, followed by an open parenthesis character.

    The method, property names or fields available for the item are displayed.

  3. Select the item you want to add to your script.

For additional information on Script Assist functions and on accessing Script Assist, see Using Siebel Tools.

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