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offset[] Method

This method provides array-style access to individual bytes in the buffer.





A number indicating a position in bufferVar at which a byte is to be placed in, or read from, a buffer


This is an array-like version of the getValue() and putValue() methods that works only with bytes. You may either get or set these values. The following line assigns the byte at offset 5 in the buffer to the variable goo:

goo = foo[5]

The following line places the value of goo (assuming that value is a single byte) to position 5 in the buffer foo:

foo[5] = goo

Every get or put operation uses byte types, that is, eight-bit signed words (SWORD8). If offset is less than 0, then 0 is used. If offset is greater than the length of the buffer, the size of the buffer is extended with null bytes to accommodate it. If you need to work with character values, you have to convert them to their ANSI or Unicode equivalents.

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