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Modifying Analytics Scheduler iBots

You can modify individual iBots using the Modify Job dialog box in the Job Manager, accessible from the Server Administration Tool in Windows.

To modify an Analytics Scheduler iBot

  • In the Job Manager, select the iBot you want to modify, and then choose Jobs > Modify Job.

    The Modify Job dialog box displays the iBot you selected. Modify the Analytics Scheduler iBot properties, as described in the following table.

    NOTE:  A default value in these fields indicates that the value specified in the Siebel iBots tab of the Job Manager Configuration dialog box is active.

    iBot Property

    Web Server

    Specifies the Web server this iBot contacts when it runs.

    Do not change this setting, because the iBot may not exist on a different Web server. This feature was added for debugging purposes only.

    Debug Log

    Determines whether debugging information is written to a log.

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