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Integrating Siebel Delivers With Siebel Workflow

Configuring Siebel Analytics Scheduler With Job Manager describes how to use the Job Manager to schedule jobs. This chapter describes how you can also set up workflows and integrate them with Siebel Delivers, which supports native integration with Siebel Workflow version 7.7 so that iBots can trigger workflow tasks.

NOTE:  This functionality requires that the workflow tasks be already set up in the Siebel operational applications. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide, version 7.7.

When integrating iBots with Siebel Workflow, a workflow is invoked for each row of an Analytics results set. The row and other nondynamic properties are passed as a Siebel Property Set that is particular to each workflow. Using the Advanced tab of Siebel Delivers, you can configure the property set by manually typing in the name for a workflow and matching it with a column.

When doing this configuration, you must follow the XML Converter Escape Sequences—for example, if a property name in the workflow is "AAA BBB" type in "AAA_spcBBB." See XML Reference: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration Volume V for details.

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