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Siebel Anywhere Deployment Recommendations

It is recommended that the Siebel Anywhere component group be enabled on only one Siebel Applications Server in the enterprise. To create upgrade kits, the Upgrade Kit Builder server component should also be enabled.

CAUTION:  During the installation of the first Siebel Server in the Siebel enterprise, do not enable the Siebel Anywhere component group. Wait until every Siebel Server is installed. Then, enable the Siebel Anywhere component group on only one Siebel Server. Do not enable Siebel Anywhere on a Regional Node Server. The reason for this is that upgrade Kits should be built sequentially in the correct order. If the Upgrade Kit Builder is enabled on multiple servers, upgrade kits may be built in the incorrect order because multiple upgrade kits can be created at the same time.

For details about how to enable a Component group, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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