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Retrieving and Installing Upgrade Kits

This task is a step in Process of Retrieving, Installing, and Testing Upgrade Kits.

The procedure for retrieving an upgrade kit depends on its type:

  • Optional upgrade kits can be manually retrieved and installed by Siebel client subscribers through the Component Upgrades view.
  • Required upgrade kits are automatically retrieved when mobile users synchronize or log into the application and when the server starts up or RepAgent synchronizes with Siebel Server.

It is a common misunderstanding that Mobile Web Clients retrieve kits directly from the Siebel File System. Instead:

  • Mobile Web Clients request the files from the Siebel Remote Server. The Remote Server retrieves the files from the Siebel File System.
  • Dedicated Web Clients retrieve kits (.saf files) directly from the Siebel File System or by using the File System Manager, depending on the settings defined in the active CFG file.

Subscribers use the Siebel Anywhere Upgrade Wizard to install upgrade kits after they are retrieved. The process for invoking the Upgrade Wizard varies by subscriber type:

The process for retrieving and installing upgrade kits by Siebel Client subscribers is described in the following sections:

NOTE:  When a Siebel Repository File upgrade kit is retrieved and installed, the size of the downloaded SRF file may differ from the original size of the SRF file included in the upgrade kit. The size change is related to details of how compression and decompression are implemented, and does not normally indicate an error. To check for correct file size and timestamp, use the size and timestamp from a test Mobile Web Client as the standard for other subscribers.

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