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About Creating Needed Upgrade Kits for Database Schema Changes

The creation of a database schema kit has two consequences beyond the creation of the kit itself:

  • Schema changes from the logical schema (in Siebel Tools) are automatically applied to the physical schema of the HQ database.
  • The custom schema version number in the HQ database is automatically incremented by one.

The number and type of upgrade kits you need for deploying database schema changes depend on the kinds of changes you made to the schema:

  • Major schema changes. Siebel Anywhere is suitable for distributing minor database schema updates that have been created using database extensibility. If you are performing a major upgrade (such as migrating from Siebel 6 to Siebel 7), or if you are migrating from Siebel 7.0.x to 7.5.x, do not use Siebel Anywhere to distribute your changes.

    For information about performing major upgrades, see the Upgrade Guide. For information about extracting database changes for Mobile Web Clients, see Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide, and for detailed information regarding database extensibility, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

  • Incremental schema changes. If your database schema changes are incremental (that is, if you have added tables, added columns, or changed the names of existing tables or columns), you can create a Siebel Anywhere upgrade kit to upgrade Mobile Web Clients or a Siebel Regional Node Server. You do not need to reextract.
  • Preference for reextraction rather than Siebel Anywhere. It is possible to reextract databases for Mobile Web Clients and Regional Databases, rather than updating them using Siebel Anywhere, if you prefer.
  • Mandatory reextraction for nonincremental schema changes. If your database schema changes are nonincremental (that is, if you have removed or deactivated tables or columns, which are changes that are not recommended), then you must reextract all Mobile Web Clients and Regional Node Servers. Otherwise, synchronization might fail due to transactions that contain data for columns or tables that are no longer available. Reextraction makes it unnecessary to create a database schema upgrade kit.

After you define the kit or kits for your upgrade, you need to activate and apply them as described in Activating, Applying, and Distributing Upgrade Kits. If you created both a Siebel Database Schema kit and a Siebel Repository File kit, make sure both are activated and applied before you proceed to the next part of the process.

For links to other steps in this process, see Process of Updating a Siebel Database Schema.

CAUTION:  Do not make any kits dependent upon the database schema component. If you create this type of dependency, you will receive an error when first time Mobile Web Client users initialize their local databases. The error will indicate the system was unable to check initialization status.

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