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Converting a Required Kit to an Optional Kit

If you distribute a required kit for Dedicated Web Client users and realize it should have been optional, use the following procedure to convert the kit from required to optional.

NOTE:  This procedure only applies to Dedicated Web Client users. Kits for Mobile Web Client users cannot be changed from required to optional. If a Mobile Web Client user has difficulty with a required kit, you must deactivate the problematic kit and create a new kit. The new kit should have the same Minimum Old Version and Maximum Old Version settings as the deactivated kit, but it should have a higher New Version number.

To convert a required kit to an optional kit (for Dedicated Web Clients only)

  1. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Anywhere Administration.
  2. From the link bar, select Upgrade Component List.

    The Upgrade Components list appears.

  3. From the Upgrade Components list, select the name of the Upgrade Component for which you distributed the upgrade kit.
  4. Modify the Min Version field with the minimum value that is acceptable, or change it to null.

    CAUTION:  Perform this step carefully, because the wrong minimum value could cause some users to skip a related required kit.

  5. Step off the record, or choose Save Record from the applet menu, to save the record.
  6. Navigate to the Administration - Siebel Anywhere screen.
  7. From the link bar, select Upgrade Configurations.

    The Upgrade Configurations and Upgrade Components list applets appear.

  8. On the Upgrade Configurations list applet, select the configurations you had previously distributed the component information to.
  9. Click Distribute.

These steps make the upgrade kit optional and allow Siebel Dedicated Client users and Siebel Mobile Web Client users to log in to the Component Upgrades view—if the client version they are using is between the minimum and maximum for the upgrade component in the Upgrade Component List view.

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