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Process of Creating a Delta Repository File Upgrade Kit

Beginning with version 7.7, Siebel Anywhere supports the use of delta repository file upgrade kits, which contain only repository file changes, rather than an entire SRF file. The use of delta repository file upgrade kits decreases the amount of time needed for distributing repository changes to Siebel clients.

NOTE:  Siebel does not currently support the use of delta repository file upgrade kits to upgrade servers.

To create a delta repository file upgrade kit, perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a complete new repository file (SRF) that contains the changes you want to distribute. For general information about compiling repository files, see Using Siebel Tools. For specific instructions on how to compile an SRF in order to minimize the size of a delta repository file upgrade kit, see Compiling an SRF for Use in a Delta Repository File.
  2. Use the diffsrf utility to compare the new repository file with your existing repository file and to create a delta repository file that contains only the changes between the two versions. For information about how to use the diffsrf utility, see Preparing a Delta Repository File.

    NOTE:  The existing repository file that you specify must have the same version as the repositories that will be upgraded using your new delta repository file kit.

  3. Define the repository file upgrade kit as described in Defining a Siebel Repository File Upgrade Kit. Specify that you are creating a delta kit, not a standard kit.

CAUTION:  The "delta" (difference) between two SRF files is specific to the two SRF files being compared. Therefore, it is very important that the base (reference) SRF that is used to compile the new SRF and to generate the delta SRF be exactly the same as the SRF on any user machine on which the delta SRF will be applied. It is strongly recommended that administrator maintain a client installation similar to that of the end user. The administrator should apply all the upgrade kits to this client just as end users do. The SRF file on this client should be used as the base whenever a delta SRF needs to be created and distributed. If, instead, you specify a base reference SRF that has not actually been distributed to a client using a Siebel Anywhere upgrade kit, then the process of applying the delta file to client machines will fail in some cases.

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