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Verifying the Workflow Setup for Workflow Policies Installation

You need to verify that your license key includes Siebel Workflow. Because Siebel Workflow runs as server components on the Siebel Server, you also need to verify the proper installation of the Siebel Server.

To do this, follow the procedure that follows to verify that you can access the Workflow Policies client screens and server screens.

To verify the Workflow setup

  1. Log in to the Siebel client as the Siebel administrator.
  2. Select View > Site Map > Administration - Business Process.

    Under the list of views, you should be able to see Policies, Policy Groups, and so forth. This indicates that your license key is correct.

  3. From a client that is configured to manage the server component groups, select View > Site Map > Administration - Server Management > Servers > Component Groups.

    Check that the Workflow Management component group is enabled.

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