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Example of a Workflow Policy Action: Creating a Send Page Action

You may want a page sent to the support manager whenever a service request priority becomes very high and the service request is not assigned to anyone. Use the following procedure to define a workflow policy action for this situation.

To send a page whenever a service request is set to the highest value

  1. In the Workflow Policies Actions view, fill in the Actions applet fields as follows:
    1. Create a new record in the Actions applet and enter the name of the action:

       Page Support Manager when SR request changes

    1. Select a predefined workflow policy program from the Program field picklist:

       Send SR Page

    1. Select a predefined workflow policy object from the Workflow Object field picklist.

       Service Request

    NOTE:  The workflow object field fills in automatically only when a workflow policy object is specified in the workflow policy program being selected. You pick a workflow policy object from the picklist when it does not automatically fill in.

  2. Fill in the Send Page Arguments applet.
    1. Select dynamic fields from Available Substitutions.
    2. Enter text and dynamic fields in the Alpha Message Template:

       The [SR Status] of [SR Number] has changed.

    You use the Numeric Message Template for numeric paging and the Alphanumeric Message Template for alphanumeric paging. The type of paging to use is indicated by the pager type in the employee table.

  3. Fill in the Recipients applet.
    1. Select a predefined recipient type from the Recipient Type field picklist:

       Send to Position

    1. Select Recipient Name from the Recipient Name picklist:

       Support Manager

This action is now available to use in a workflow policy.

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