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Creating Workflow Policy Groups

Workflow policy groups provide a means of identifying policies having similar system requirements. By grouping policies you can optimize your system, balance system loads, and provide scalability. All workflow policies must be assigned to a workflow policy group.

You create groups for workflow policies in the Workflow Policies Groups view. The Workflow Policies Groups view has two applets:

  • Workflow Groups applet. Allows you to create new policy groups and to view and select previously existing policy groups. Specifying a workflow policy group determines the monitoring cycle for a workflow policy. Each policy group should contain policies that need to be monitored within similar time intervals. See About the Workflow Groups Applet.
  • Policies applet. Lists the workflow policies assigned to the selected group. See About the Workflow Policies Applet.

To create a policy group

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Policy Groups.
  2. From the applet drop-down menu in the Policy Groups applet, select New Record and enter the name for the group.
  3. (Optional) Enter comments in the Comments field.
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