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Example of a Workflow Policy: Creating a Send Email Workflow Policy

In this situation, the vice president of sales wants to be notified when the number of deals that are not closed reaches a designated level. In this case, you have already created an workflow policy action that batches information on the deals and sends an email message containing information on the number of deals you designated.

To create a Send Email Workflow policy

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Policies.
  2. In the Policies List applet, select New Record from the applet-level menu.
  3. Fill in the Policies applet as follows:
    1. Name: Very High Value Opportunity
    2. Workflow Object: Opportunity
    3. Policy Group: Medium Frequency
    4. Quantity: 5
    5. Comments: Reminder to talk to the sales rep on opportunities nearing closure > $400,000, but low probability
    6. Batch: checked

      NOTE:  You do not need to fill in the Quantity field to have a repeating message.

  4. Fill in the Conditions applet with the following:

Forecast Probability



Forecast Revenue



  1. Fill in the Actions applet.
    1. Enter the Action name with the appropriate workflow policy action:

       Excellent Quality Opportunity

    1. Check the Consolidate field.

The Send Message Arguments fills in automatically with the information from the defined workflow policy action.

NOTE:  To make sure that the email action works properly, you can restart the Workflow Policy Monitor and Workflow Policy Action agents and set the Workflow Policy Action parameter Sleep to at least 5 minutes. This makes sure that your email lists all the opportunities meeting the conditions of the workflow policy. If the Workflow Policy Action agent runs too fast, then there will be an individual email each time the conditions of the workflow policy are met. Starting the server processes is discussed in About Workflow Policies Server Administration

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