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Starting Email Manager

You can start Email Manager from the command line, or from the Email Manager Component view.

To start Email Manager from the command line

  • To start the Email Manager task with the <Profile Name> profile, in the server manager command line, use the following command to start a task for Email Manager:

    start task for comp MailMgr with MailProfile=<Profile Name>

To start Email Manager from the Server Administration view

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Server Configuration > Servers > Components.
  2. In the Components list, find the Email Manager component.
  3. In the Component Parameters list, set Mail Profile = Test.
  4. If you want to automatically start up a task for Email Manager whenever the component is restarted or the Siebel server services are restarted, set the component parameter Default Tasks = 1.

    When the workflow policy is violated, Workflow Monitor Agent will insert a record into the S_APSRVR_REQ table for workflow actions that invoke any of the Send Email workflow policy programs. Email Manager will then pick up records from the S_APSRVR_REQ table, setting their status from QUEUED to ACTIVE and then to SUCCEEDED during the course of the execution. Subsequently, Outbound Communications Manager will be invoked to log onto the <Profile Name> profile and send the emails out to the recipients using the Outbound Communications Manager business service, Send Message method.

Mail Profile Parameter

The Mail Profile parameter specifies the mail profile to use and is defined in Control Panel. The parameter establishes the connection between the application and the email system. If you do not specify a profile here, the default profile is used. The names must match exactly.

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