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Troubleshooting the Email and Page Managers

Email Manager stops processing when it is unable to log on to the mail server (SMTP/POP3-compliant server) and logs an error message in the trace files.

Page Manager stops processing if the modem is not available. The requests continue to accumulate in the Requests table. After you fix your processing problems, you must restart the servers. The servers will continue processing from where they left off.

If Email Manager is able to log on but has a problem sending a particular email, it logs an error message and continues on to the next request. If Page Manager is able to interface with the modem but has a problem with a given page send, it will log an error and move on to the next request.

When Workflow Policies executes email and paging actions, it actually inserts email requests and paging requests into the database. These requests are inserted as records in the S_APSRVR_REQ table, which are then processed by Email Manager and Page Manager.

New requests have a status of "QUEUED." After a request is picked up by Email Manager or Page Manager, but before it is processed, it has a status of "ACTIVE." After a request is processed, its status becomes SUCCEEDED if the processing is successful, or FAILED if an error occurs.

To generate the sending emails, Siebel Server uses the UNIX "Mail" command. To verify that your server platform can run the command to a valid recipient and verify the email was successfully sent, do the following:

  1. From the UNIX command prompt type:

    >mail recipient email address

    where recipient email address is a valid address.

  2. Then, type a message ending with a period on the last line to indicate the end of the message. Then, press enter.

If email written to S_APSRVR_REQ is not sent, though the Email Manager trace file shows status SUCCEEDED, check that the following Outlook settings on the server are set:

  • Send messages immediately
  • Check for new messages every <x> minutes

Both of these options must be enabled in Outlook for email messages to be sent successfully.

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