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Example Script: Invoking Workflow Programmatically and Constructing an Input Property Set

The following is a sample script which programmatically invokes the Workflow Process Manager business service and which constructs an input property set, psInputs, for the business service. This script defines strings that will be put into the input property set as properties.

var msgName = "Siebel Agent Authorization Retrieval";

var reqSubType = "CICS Services Request";

var reqType = "AgentAuthorizationReq";

var CICSServiceName = "Consumer Auto Agent Authorization Retrieval";

var processName = "Consumer Auto VBC VBC Template";

var reqFileName = "C:\\sea752\\XMLMessages\\AgentAuthorizationVBCReq-final.xml"

var resFileName = "C:\\sea752\\XMLMessages\\AgentAuthorizationVBCResponse-final.xml"

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