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Passing Parameters from Workflow to Global Variables (Profile Attributes)

You can use a business service to access and pass parameters from Workflow to global variables.

To access workflow parameters for a running workflow process

  1. Define a business service with relevant methods and parameters.
  2. Access the business service from the workflow process.
  3. In the business service step in the workflow process, pass the workflow process properties to the business service method arguments. For more information, see About Business Service Steps.
  4. Use the following script to take the business service argument values and assign them to Profile Attributes.

    function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName, Inputs, Outputs)


    if( MethodName == "XXX" ) {

    var isWorkflowRunning, viewValidCurrent, viewValidNext;

    // read the input arguments into profile attributes

    isWorkflowRunning = Inputs.GetProperty("Workflow Running");

    viewValidCurrent = Inputs.GetProperty("Valid View Current");

    viewValidNext = Inputs.GetProperty("Valid View Next");

    TheApplication().SetProfileAttr("WFRunning", isWorkflowRunning);

    TheApplication().SetProfileAttr("WFViewCurrent", viewValidCurrent);

    TheApplication().SetProfileAttr("WFViewNext", viewValidNext);


  5. Use the profile attributes for further processing. All the necessary information has been put into the profile attributes of the application. Users can use the standard procedures for accessing the profile attributes to extract this information. For more information, see Siebel Personalization Administration Guide.
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