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About Workflow Persistence

Workflow persistence is an attribute of a workflow process that supports long-lived transactions within a single workflow process. Workflow persistence allows process resumption after a pause or a server crash. Workflow persistence saves and restores data when the process is resumed.

The workflow persistence setting applies to long-running workflow processes, interactive workflow processes, and 7.0 workflow processes. You cannot use workflow persistence with service workflow processes. The persistence property is a YES/NO setting. For long-running workflows, persistence is automatically set by the server at execution time. For interactive workflows, you set the persistence property using the Auto Persist flag in the Workflow Processes list editor of Siebel Tools. Persistence behaves as follows:

  • Long-running workflows are automatically persisted
  • Interactive workflows are persisted on pause if the Auto Persist flag is set
    • You control workflow persistence by setting the Auto Persist flag. When a session times out or a user logs out of a Web session, workflow processes with the Auto Persist flag set to YES are persisted and can be resumed from the Universal Inbox.
  • 7.0 workflows with persistence set are marked as Auto-Persist and are persisted

NOTE:  In the previous release, workflow persistence was used for monitoring workflow processes, and it was controlled by adjusting two settings that could apply to individual steps of a workflow: frequency and level. In this release, process monitoring is separate from workflow persistence, and persistence does not need to be set for long-running processes, because for long-running processes it is set by default. For 7.0 workflow processes that had persistence set, the Auto Persist flag is automatically set to TRUE (YES) during upgrade and import.

For more information on workflow persistence, see Enabling Workflow Persistence.

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