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Using User Events

While run-time events act on workflow processes from within the application object manager, user events are events internal to Siebel Workflow. User events initiate and resume long-running workflow processes in the Workflow Process Manager server component (WFProcMgr).

NOTE:  User events can be used only in long-running workflow processes.

While run-time events can be used in workflows that run within a single user session, user events are for use in long-running workflows that span multiple users. A user event can be used to trigger a workflow process (when it is attached to a Start step), or to resume a waiting workflow instance (when it is attached to any step that can receive input arguments). A user event can also bring data into a workflow instance, in the form of the user event's payload, which can contain user data.

User events require use of the Workflow User Event business service to communicate with the Workflow Process Manager.

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