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Manual Recovery of Workflow Process Instances

You can correct and resume a workflow process instance that has encountered errors. For example, if the Communications Server is not available, a workflow process sending an email notification will have a status of In Error. You can enable the Communication Server component, then resume the workflow process.

Instances marked for manual recovery are recoverable from the Workflow Instance Admin view. From the application-level menu in the run-time client, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Workflow Instance Admin > Related Instances and select an option from the applet menu. There are two options for manual recovery:

  • Resume Instance - Next Step. The process instance skips the current step, and evaluates all the branching conditions coming from the current step to determine the next step to execute.
  • Resume Instance - Current Step. The process instance resumes from the current step. The current step is retried. If the current step is a subprocess step, a new subprocess instance is started.

NOTE:  A workflow process instance is resumable only if, among its related process instances, its Call Depth setting is the highest. That is, Resume Instance - Next Step and Resume Instance - Current Step are disabled if the instance is part of a set of related instances and one or more other instances are set at a higher level (so the instance is called from another instance). For example, if there are multiple related instances with Call Depth settings of level 0,1,2,3, and 4 and you select the record with level 3, then these Resume controls will be disabled because level 3 is not the highest Call Depth level set among the related instances.

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