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Running a Workflow Process in the Workflow Process Manager

A workflow process can be run within the Workflow Process Manager server component. The methods of invoking a workflow process that support running a process on the server include:

  • From a workflow policy that executes on the server
  • From a script specifying the Server Request parameter
  • From a run-time event with Processing Mode set to Remote Synchronous or Remote Asynchronous

NOTE:  Invoking a workflow process from a script is done in synchronous mode.

If a user invokes a process to be run on the server within the Workflow Process Manager server component, the process executes only if the user is connected to the server. If the user is not connected to the server, the request is queued and executes when the user synchronizes or the server becomes available.

If you compiled a custom .srf file using Siebel Tools, this file needs to be added to the Objects directory on the Siebel Application Server. In addition, you must update the siebel.cfg file referenced in the Server parameters to reflect the custom .srf file (note that the siebel.cfg file is the default configuration file for Workflow Process Manager server components).

NOTE:  Business services calling UI functions, including navigation functionality such as the User Interact step, are not supported when processes run on the server.

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