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Assigning Subprocesses to End Users to Create Collaborative Long-Running Workflows

Using the subprocess step, you can configure workflows that assign interactive subprocess workflows to end users to create collaborative workflow processes. An example of a collaborative workflow is one that includes a requirement for approvals; the route the workflow takes as tasks is a route across multiple users.

Use the Step Recipient field on a subprocess step to create collaborative workflows. Assignment occurs based on the login name, not on the Position or User ID. This login name may be a literal value, it may be held in a process property or a buscomp field, or it may be the result of an expression.

NOTE:  The Process Designer cannot validate the data supplied to make sure that it represents a valid login name at design time.

To assign subprocesses to end users

  1. Create a subprocess step.
  2. Right-click the subprocess step and choose Show Recipients.
  3. In the WF Step Recipients applet, set the Recipient Name field to the login name of the assignee (the end user who will be assigned the subprocess).
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