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If you are sending IDOCs to SAP, the service that you invoke to send the IDOC to SAP is different. The service for 6.x was EAI SAP IDOC RFC Adapter; the service for Siebel 7 is EAI SAP IDOC Adapter.

If you are receiving IDOCs from SAP, you do not need to modify your workflow.

To switch to the new service safely

  1. Revise your workflow using Siebel Tools.

    For more information on modifying workflows in Tools, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  You may want to make a backup copy of your workflow before making the changes.

  2. Determine which business service box on your workflow corresponds to the EAI SAP IDOC RFC Adapter (the 6.x business service).

    You will be creating a new business service to replace this one.

  3. View the input arguments of your existing business service.
  4. Make note of how these are used because you will need to add them to the new business service.
  5. Create a new business service box on your diagram in the vicinity of the old business service.
  6. View the input arguments for this business service.
  7. Define the input and output method arguments in the new service as they were defined in your old service. These have not changed.
  8. Modify the flow of the workflow diagram to use the new service you have created.
  9. Test your workflow using the workflow simulator. Follow the suggestions for testing in Testing the Interface.
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