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Identify the SAP Object (IDOC/BAPI)

Start by identifying which business process needs to be automated. For example, you want to check the availability of the material in a given plant. The business requirement is that this needs to be done in real time, which dictates that you must use a BAPI instead of an IDOC.

There are different ways in which you can find out the availability of BAPIs for your SAP version. One way is to use the BAPI browser in SAP. The other way is to use the SE37 transaction in SAP.

The BAPI for the example is BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY. Next, you need to study the import and export parameters for the BAPI. Pay special attention to the mandatory parameters for the BAPI. For this BAPI, the mandatory parameters are PLANT, MATERIAL and UNIT. So, you need to specify these parameters before the BAPI is invoked.

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