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Server Components

Some Business Services run within the context of Server Components. Two such components are the tRFC BAPI Receiver Component (BAPIRcvr) and the Business Integration Manager (BusIntMgr). For information on other components that control the use of the EAI Queue, read EAI Queue.

tRFC BAPI Receiver Component

The BAPIRcvr Server Component executes as a background task that calls a method of the tRFC BAPI Receiver Service repeatedly to look for data SAP may be sending. Component parameters may be set prior to the start of the server to control processing. Component parameters may have the same names as the underlying Business Service User Properties or Method Arguments, providing many different options for configuration. The relationship between User Properties, Method Arguments and Component Parameters for SAP Components and Business Services is defined more fully later in this document. For more information on Server Components, read Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume II and Siebel System Administration Guide.

Business Integration Manager Component

The Business Integration Manager is a server component that processes requests from Siebel applications in real time. The BAPI Adapter Business Service and workflow usually execute within the context of the Business Integration Manager Server Component. In this guide, Business Integration Manager is covered only with respect to the execution of the BAPI Adapter. For more information about the Business Integration Manager, read Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I.

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