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Using the Siebel Connector for SAP R/3

The Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 supports both synchronous and asynchronous transactions across application boundaries. The resulting consistency of data provides efficient coordination between front and back-office operations. For example, sales and service professionals can enter sales orders in Siebel applications and receive real-time feedback on inventory availability from the SAP R/3 database. The sales or service professional can then fulfill the sales order using SAP's Sales and Distribution module in the back office, without ever leaving the Siebel application interface.

You can approach your work with the Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 in the following ways, depending upon your specific needs:

  • Use the Siebel standard integrations for SAP as provided.
  • Modify the standard integration to suit your business needs.
  • Create customized integrations to support your own business needs.

You can learn how to use the standard integrations, as is, from this guide. You can also find guidance on modifying these Standard Integrations. Some information on creating customized integrations is included, but you also need to consult Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I.

Siebel Connector for SAP R/3