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Sales Order Updates Standard Integration

This section describes how to update Siebel sales orders when the sales order status changes in SAP. To execute the Sales Order Status Change data flow, first make sure you have completed the installation steps as described in Installation and Configuration. In particular, be sure that you have completed all ALE configuration for the message type ORDCHG flowing outbound from SAP, you have checked your tRFC BAPI Receiver connectivity, and you have successfully created sales area account and SAP products in the Siebel application. To test the update, you should have successfully sent a Siebel sales order to SAP.

You need to perform some customization in SAP to send the IDOC, ORDERS05, to Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 whenever there is a change in an order, or new delivery is created or modified. You can also send a test ORDERS05 IDOC using SAP transaction we19. Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 receives the ORDERS05 IDOC and invokes the Get Status Dataflow for the order sent. As this process is based on the Get Status data flow for sales orders, the limitations of the Get Status data flow are applicable to this process as well.

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