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About the EAI Queue

The EAI Queue provides temporary storage for data in transit between Siebel eBusiness applications and external applications and a means by which to monitor the data exchange. This temporary storage of data can facilitate error recovery in the event that the flow of data to or from the Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 is interrupted.

Each entry in the EAI Queue may contain the following information:

  • XML file containing the data object in transit
  • Processing status of data object
  • Reference ID for data object in external application
  • Additional fields to be used for error information and other external application specific information.

Siebel administrators can view the data in the queue and its current processing status. If errors occur while the data is in transit, the external system reference ID and error information can be used to determine the problem, correct it and restart the data flow between the Siebel application and the external application.

To view entries in the EAI Queue, navigate to Administration - Integration > EAI Queue. For SAP there are two queues, tRFC Inbound from SAP, and tRFC Outbound to SAP. Select a queue in the upper list. Queue entries then appear in the lower form. You can edit and delete queue entries, however, be aware that if the Siebel Server is running, queue entries may be in progress. You can safely edit and delete queue entries with the following statuses: Confirmed, Error in Processing, and Error in Sending. Entries having any other status value may be in progress while the server is running. Do not edit or delete entries in this case.

A business service API is also provided to the EAI Queue. This business service contains methods to update information held in the queue and allows other components in the Siebel application, as well as customers, to develop software to use the queue. The business service contains the following methods:

  • AddMessage. Adds an XML data object to the queue.
  • GetMessage. Retrieves an XML data object from the queue.
  • GetStatus. Retrieves processing status of the data object.
  • UpdateStatus. Updates the processing status of the data object.
  • DeleteMessage. Removes an XML data object from the queue.

This chapter explains the usage of the EAI Queue within the Siebel Connector for SAP R/3 and defines the EAI Queue business service methods and configuration options.

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