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Siebel Reports Server and Firewall Planning

If your network infrastructure includes a demilitarized zone (DMZ), you must enable specific ports on Active Portal and iServer.

This requirement applies in the following circumstances:

  • The DMZ is boundaried by an outer firewall and an inner firewall. The outer firewall filters traffic between the internet and the reverse proxy server in the DMZ. The inner firewall filters communications between the reverse proxy server and the Siebel deployment.
  • Actuate Active Portal is installed in the DMZ.
  • Actuate iServer is installed behind the inner firewall along with the Siebel deployment.

You must enable ports as follows to make sure the Reports Server functions normally:

  • On the outer firewall, enable the Actuate HTTP Service Communications port. The default port number is 8700.
  • On the inner firewall, activate the iServer port. The default is 8000.
  • On the inner firewall, activate the PMD port. The default is 8100.

These port numbers are defaults and can be configured.

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