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Siebel Configurator Server Components

Siebel Configurator allows users to interactively configure customizable products at the time of order or quote generation. Siebel Configurator uses a constraint-based solution engine that resides on the Siebel Server. This engine evaluates customer choices and generates product configurations that conform to business rules. Business rules are defined using constraint statements contained in models stored on the Siebel File System.

Siebel Configurator is supported in the Siebel Server environment by the following components:

  • Application Object Manager (AOM). The Siebel Configurator solution engine functions within an AOM, such as Call Center Object Manager (SCCObjMgr) for Siebel Call Center.
  • Siebel Product Configurator Object Manager (eProdCfgObjMgr). This is an AOM containing the Siebel Configurator solution engine. It can be deployed on a separate Siebel Server from where Siebel Configurator sessions are invoked.
  • Siebel File System. Stores cached object definitions for customizable product models in the CFGCache directory on the Siebel File System

    For more information about elements of the internal architecture of Siebel Configurator, including Instance Broker (Complex Object Instance Service business service) and Object Broker (Cfg Object Broker business service), refer to Product Administration Guide.

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