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About Setting Siebel Server Task Loads

It is critically important not to set the maximum number of tasks for an Application Object Manager (AOM) or other load-balanced component higher than the server can reasonably handle. The server component parameter MaxTasks, sets the maximum number of sessions an AOM or AOM thread can handle. Use this parameter to set an AOMs maximum workload ceiling.

For example, a Siebel Server can handle 400 tasks for an AOM without degraded performance, but you set the maximum tasks to 500. When the AOM reaches 400 tasks, new tasks continue to be accepted, but server performance begins to degrade noticeably. Load balancing becomes inefficient as tasks are sent to the over-tasked server.

For multithreaded components, MaxTasks specifies the number of tasks that can run within each thread. MaxMTServers specifies the number of threads that the component can run. The total number of tasks that a multithreaded component can run is MaxTasks multiplied by MaxMTServers.

For more information on MaxTasks and MaxMTServers, see Siebel System Administration Guide and the Performance Tuning Guide.

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