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Setting the Load Balancer Connection Time Out

Many third-party HTTP load balancers allow you to set a connection time-out. When the time-out occurs, the SISNAPI connection to the application object manager (AOM) on the Siebel Server is terminated.

In addition, AOMs have a configurable time-out parameter, Connection Maximum Idle Time (ConnIdleTime). When a session is idle for the specified time, the AOM closes the session.

Set the load balancer time-out to be slightly longer than the Connection Maximum Idle Time of the AOMs for which it will provide load balancing.

For example, if the AOM Connection Maximum Idle Time is 600 seconds, set the load balancer connection time-out to 601 seconds or higher.

Avoid setting the AOM Connection Maximum Idle time to be greater than the load balancer connection time-out. This can cause login screen delays and communications performance problems.

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