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About Siebel Application Services Interfaces

Siebel Application Services Interfaces (ASIs) are prebuilt interfaces to Siebel business processes. These interfaces expose Siebel functionality as services to the application environment, as well as allow Siebel business processes to use services provided by external applications. Siebel ASIs are designed for ease of maintenance and can be configured by an administrator using Web Services Administration screens without requiring in depth knowledge of Siebel eAI.

ASIs provide a release-independent integration interface. The integration interface to the Siebel application remains unchanged with each upgrade to new releases. ASIs are extensible and are accessible as Web Services or through any third-party Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution. These benefits mean easier integration between Siebel application and external systems with significant reduction in integration, maintenance, and upgrade costs.

Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume l